Active Adult Living: Benefits of Living in 55+ Apartment Communities

Active Adult Communities for Residents of Connecticut & Massachusetts

Looking to make life a little easier on yourself? Active adult apartment communities are available in New Haven County, CT and Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and they give you the chance to live in a low maintenance apartment, while still being able to remain physically active. You can take the chance to meet neighbors that have similar interests, and get plenty of time to relax too. Spend some time reading about the benefits of moving into one of these comfortable adult communities.

Staying Active

Aspen Glen Fitness Cente

One of the challenges of getting older is that it becomes much harder to stay physically active. It is important to keep your body healthy, however, and moving into an active adult community can be quite beneficial. The word active in “active adult communities” is not just for show, since these places are specifically designed to help people keep moving as much as possible.

Most of these communities feature onsite fitness centers and locations to play sports, allowing residents to stay in shape. Residents are also able to stay socially active, since they are able to mingle with other residents at picnic areas and other community hotspots.

Certain apartment communities also host classes and offsite bus trips, so there are plenty of opportunities for residents to stay active.

Quiet, Low Maintenance Apartments

Aspen Glen Apartment

One of the best aspects of adult communities is that their apartments are built with residents in mind. At these communities, maintenance and cleaning fees are usually included with your rent, so the staff will handle most of the major work. Floor plans are easy to navigate, so residents do not have to worry about straining themselves.

Another reason why these communities may be enticing to you is because they are usually located in nice, quiet neighborhoods. Most of the residents will be around your age as well, so you should be happy if you do not want younger, energetic people running around. If you are just looking to relax after you retire, these communities will give you exactly what you need.

Meet Friendly Neighbors

Active adult communities are great because your neighbors are people who are just like you. These neighborhoods are restricted to people above the age of 55, so almost everyone who lives in them will be around your age. Since your neighbors will be in your age range, they might share similar interests with you, which can make it easy for you to make new friends.

In addition, many of these communities are also smoke-free, which helps remove a major health risk. Elevators are also available, so if you feel uncomfortable using the stairs you can use an elevator to get back to your apartment with no trouble. When you live in an active adult community, safety is guaranteed.

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