The Best Fall Activities in New Haven, CT

Fall is in full force and there are so many fun things to do in New Haven, CT. We’ve put together a list of things to do before winter hits next month. There is truly an activity for everyone in New Haven County. Even though pumpkin-picking season is over, there are still plenty of things to do to celebrate autumn besides take in the beautiful colors of the foliage.

Pick out your Christmas Tree at Belinsky Farm

A Row of Christmas Trees at Belinsky's Farm
Belinsky’s Farm. Source: Facebook

Belinsky’s Farm prides itself on its beautiful selection of Christmas trees. Located in Oxford, CT, Belinsky Farm is quite popular with the locals. Choose and cut down your own Christmas tree! Get in quickly before all the good ones are gone so you and your family can start decorating right after Thanksgiving. You can choose from a red pine, concolor fir, or blue spruce at the moment. In December, other varieties become available.

Apple Picking

Apples at Bishop's Orchards
Bishop’s Orchards. Source: Yelp

Go apple-picking with the family at Bishop’s Orchards, another local favorite in New Haven. Think of all the things you can make with your fresh apples: apple pie, caramel or candy apples, applesauce; the options are endless.

Take a Family Hike

Fall foliage with trees lining a path.

Connecticut is absolutely breath-taking in the fall. Residents are blessed with the gorgeous shades of red, orange, and brown foliage and a wide variety of local parks with beautiful hiking trails for people with all levels of experience. In fact, Connecticut has some of the best parks and hiking trails in the U.S.

East Rock Park is one of the most popular hiking spots in New Haven. It has picnic facilities and a wide variety of nature trails with a view of Long Island Sound and the harbor. Don’t forget the bird sanctuary – perfect for the avid bird watcher in the family.

Sleeping Giant State Park is not only a popular historical destination in Hamden, but it also has its own hiking trails, perfect for an autumn picnic among the colorful foliage. Named for its two miles of mountaintop that looks like a sleeping giant, Sleeping Giant State Park is immediately recognizable on Connecticut’s skyline.

Navigate a Corn Maze

Corn Maze outdoors

The kids will love this activity! There is nothing like finding your way out of a corn maze and there are plenty of places to check out in the Greater New Haven area.

Along with Bishop’s Orchards mentioned earlier, the Rose Orchard’s Farm has a corn maze as well. After you and the family have worked together to find your way out you can go on a celebratory hayride and get a tour of the surrounding area.

Haunted Places to Visit in New Haven

Haunted Isle Entrance
The Haunted Isle in East Haven, CT. Source: Facebook

The fall season is the perfect time to visit New Haven’s great haunted destinations, even after Halloween! Adrenaline junkies will agree that nothing gets your heart going more than a good old-fashioned scare.

Connecticut Haunted Houses is still doing tours through to the end of November. You and your friends or your family can go on the New Haven Ghost Walk: A Haunting in Connecticut. New Haven is one of Connecticut’s most haunted cities. The guides will bewitch you with the most legendary stories, whether it is mysterious sightings of apparitions, or the supernatural phenomena of New Haven. Not only is it entertaining but also educational, as the guides are well-informed with historical facts mixed in with bits of human interest.

Football = Sunday, Funday

Aerial View of the Yale University Football Field Bowl
Yale Bowl. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Football season is in full effect and with both the University of New Haven and Yale University close by, you have got to take advantage and go to a game. Tail gate with your friends, load up on snacks during half-time with the family, and watch your favorite teams compete. Don’t forget your gloves and scarves, as the winter chill is moving in.

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