Technology Meets Lifestyle: Cool Tech for Your Apartment

With the advancements made in technology, now anyone can make their home a smart one! With everyone learning and working from home, smart tech home amenities are trending more than ever. So, what are the trending technologies people are using in their homes these days? Keep reading to see some of the hottest tech devices trending right now. But don’t forget, while adding technology to your apartment lifestyle, make sure to ask your landlord before making modifications to your apartment to be on the safe side! 

Tech For Safety & Savings 

close-up on a modern door handle

Some great apartment rental tips include using technology to provide security and help you save money! One of the biggest tech trends are smart locks and video monitoring to ensure advance security and safety of your apartment. Smart locks are quite popular as they allow you to access your apartment through an app on your phone. Video security allows you to see who’s coming and going in and around your apartment. Saving energy is a top priority for renters so that they can reduce their energy bills, and save on home expenses. As a result, smart thermostats, smart lighting solutions, and other kindred devices are becoming increasingly sought-after. 

Tech For The Kiddos 

Little girl remotely learns from home sitting at desk facing laptop with teacher on webcam

The need for home school technology is increasing as more students are learning from home more now than ever. A spacious living area helps to effectively facilitate homeschooling. Making a classroom in different environments is difficult, but fortunately your apartment has the space and the amenities to create an effective homeschool apartment setup. There are ample electrical outlets and access to WIFI so that your child can log on to a virtual classroom in any room. You can turn the kitchen, bedroom, playroom or even the playground into a learning environment for your child! 

Working From Home? No Problem! 

Apartment unit within Aspen Green
Aspen Green

There are many ways to stay efficient while working in your apartment. Access to Wi-Fi and ample electrical outlets make using home technology for work simple and efficient. Working from home does not mean working in your PJ’s, remember to get dressed, set up a designated area to work and avoid distractions! The spacious apartment space in allows for room to set up an office right in your apartment.

Going Green 

Man changing a lightbulb in his apartment unit

There are many ways you can go about greening your apartment.  It is becoming quite popular to use eco-friendly apartment technology. In doing so, you can cut down on energy usage, recycle more, add some greenery and use eco-friendly cleaners. It’s a great idea to switch out those light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, only do the dishes when there’s a full load, and use a power strip so that you can turn off multiple electrics at the same time.  

Be sure to take advantage of saving energy using smart tech such as smart thermostats, smart lighting solutions, and other related devices. You can even adjust your blinds to let the sun in on a cool day, to let some natural heat warm you up! 

With everyone working and learning from home, technology is an advancement that’s being used more than ever! Garden Communities CT provides spacious apartments with tech-friendly amenities to make working and learning from home more efficient! Look no further when searching for the perfect in-home office or classroom!