Buying Food for Your Apartment: Shops to Visit in Hartford County, CT

Where Can I Buy Food In Hartford County?

If you’re a new resident of Hartford County, you might not be familiar with all of the places where you can shop for your groceries or order out from local restaurants. There’s a wide range of stores available in the county, ranging from delis to traditional supermarkets. Fortunately, even with the coronavirus pandemic, many of these shops are still open as essential businesses.

The following locations are currently open. Be sure you plan your food shopping list and be prepared with PPE before heading out.

Trader Joe’s

Sign for Trader Joe’s in Manchester, CT
Source: Yelp

Located at 1510 Pleasant Valley Road in Manchester, Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery chain with a wide range of products. Here you’ll be able to pick up fresh bread, coffee, tea, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and several other types of produce. Frozen products, such as pizza, hamburger meat, and ice cream are also available.

The official Trader Joe’s website also features an extensive list of recipes for customers to try out. For residents of Manchester, this is a great place to buy groceries, especially if you’ve had to drive out of town to get food in the past.

Highland Park Market

Entrance of Highland Park Market With Plants
Source: Yelp

Highland Park Market is a chain of grocery stores located across Central Connecticut. There are locations in Manchester, Suffield, and Farmington, among others. If you need fresh produce, meat, and seafood, you’ll find it here, along with some signature desserts from the store’s professional bakers.

In addition, full meals are prepared here, along with sushi, pizza, and deli sandwiches. Specials are available during the weekend, so be sure to check out the flyer each week to see what’s available.

Fitzgerald’s Foods

Plants Outside Fitzgerald’s Food in Simsbury
Source: Yelp

For residents of Simsbury, Fitzgerald’s Foods at 710 Hopmeadow Street is an excellent grocery store to check out. Whether you need produce, baking supplies, frozen foods, are pharmaceutical items, you’ll find them here.

To help combat the spread of coronavirus, Fitzgerald’s also offers options for home deliveries. For $4.95, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your apartment, allowing for a safe way to get food.

Stop & Shop

Shelves of Bread & Produce at Stop & Shop
Source: Yelp

Simsbury has some nice Stop & Shop locations that local apartment owners can take a drive to. In addition to the usual produce and other groceries, Stop & Shop has its own private brands. These brands have many organic options, so if you’re looking to eat a bit healthier you should consider stopping here.

If you want to reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the store, pick-ups and deliveries are available. You can also take advantage of digital coupons if you want to save a little cash in the process.

Geissler’s Supermarket

Geissler’s Supermarket Entrance
Source: Yelp

Residents of Bloomfield can grab groceries at the local Geissler’s Supermarket locations. Since 1923, this has been one of the premiere super market chains of Connecticut. Geissler’s works with several local farms in order to provide the freshest produce for customers.

Fresh meat is available around the clock, and fresh salad bars offer options for those who’d rather not eat meat. Fresh milk, fruit, and cheese are also sold here, along with freshly prepared meals.

Hall’s Market

Hall’s Market Food at West Hartford, CT
Source: Yelp

Hall’s Market is the premiere butcher and deli shop of West Hartford, and is a great place for anyone in Hartford County to drop by. If you’re in the market for fresh deli meat, steaks, sandwiches, and a few other offerings, you’ll find them here. Curbside pickup is available if you want to order some food and get back home as quickly as possible.

Due to the coronavirus, the store will be closed on Mondays, but it will be open the rest of the week. In addition, senior hours are available on weekdays from 8 am through 9 am.

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