Farm To Table: A Local Simsbury, CT Restaurant Looks to Expand With a Farm

Garden Communities CT and our local Aspen Green Apartments are thrilled to see a local Simsbury, CT restaurant pushing forward with a farm to table concept. Millwright’s Restaurant & Tavern in Simsbury, CT is looking to start its own farm, according to The Hartford Courant. The restaurant opened 8 and 1/2 years ago, and Chef Tyler Anderson said the new project would be a “15-acre boutique farm that will primarily provide food for our award-winning restaurant.”

With nothing but the best in mind, this farm to table transition will ensure that you are eating healthier, more favorable meals when visiting your favorite local restaurant. We support Tyler’s ambition to create a farm to table dining experience as we have always supported eco-friendly living and food, food, food!  

Eco-Friendly Is Farm Friendly 

Millwright's Restaurant & Tavern outside overlooking the water and dining area

Chef Tyler is truly attempting to bring this eco-friendly concept to his restaurant and Aspen Communities is always promoting eco-friendly and going green. We love the idea of farm to table because it supports an eco-friendly lifestyle. Less pollution is accumulated with the absence of transporting foods and it reduces greenhouse emissions. We always support being eco-friendly when dining out and also when buying food for your apartment and dining at home. 

Manga Millwright’s 

Millwright's Restaurant dining room indoors

We are always happy to support local restaurants in Simsbury and New Haven, CT, especially during Tyler’s farm to table endeavor. As we are faced with a time where we have to mindful when dining out, don’t worry, as Millwrights Restaurant & Tavern has got you covered with a vast outdoor seating area! They also offer online ordering to pick-up as well! In addition to this wonderful place to manga, there’s lots of Hartford, CT restaurants that offer delivery and pick ups. 

Millwright’s Restaurant & Tavern is a wonderful place to dine, as Chef Tyler is reinventing your dining experience to make his food as delightful as you are! Farm to table allows for an eco-friendly lifestyle and provides organic, flavorful meals for you to enjoy! We support Tyler’s ambitions and seek to help him find the perfect farmer. If you know any farmers with at least 5 years’ experience and experience in New England farming be sure to reach out and let him know. If you prefer to enjoy a nice meal at home, try take-out, pick up or perhaps follow Tyler’s lead and make your own farm to table at home!