Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Getting to Know the Other Residents

When prospective new renters come to Garden Communities CT for a tour of one of our beautiful Connecticut apartment rentals, people are often curious about each development’s neighbors. When getting to know the neighbors, you want to get off on the right foot and make a good impression. Keep reading for tips on how to get to know your neighbors.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? 

Aspen Woods exterior shot
Aspen Woods

Moving into a new neighborhood is not always easy, especially when it comes to introducing yourself to the neighbors. For the outgoing, bubbly type this may be a non-issue but for the typical introvert this may be a daunting task. It’s good to start slow, but friendly.

Offer a polite wave when driving by or a cordial “Hi! How are ya?” when walking around the neighborhood. When you get a bit more acquainted you can always offer a polite gesture like knocking on your neighbor’s door with some baked goods and introducing yourself.  Having a dinner party? Why not invite that friendly neighbor over for a drink.  

The Art of Smart 

Woman searching on her laptop, while on her bed

Want to make yourself more acquainted with the neighbors but can’t muster up the courage to knock on their door? In the age of smart technology why not send a Facebook friend request or like their latest Instagram post. It can’t hurt to leave a comment on that recent picture of their garden. Even a friendly email asking them to join you for a cup of joe might just be the way to go!   

The Wheels On The Bus 

Young boy with a backpack

A great way to meet the neighbors is through your kiddos! As you walk your child to the bus stop, take a minute to stop and chat with the other parents in your neighborhood. Since you have school-age children in common it will be easy to spark a conversation about the bus route, the teachers at the local school, and other school happenings. Finding a common ground is a great way to get acquainted. 

Puppy Pow-Wow 

Puppy on a leash, taking a walk

Our puppers are usually the friendliest part of the family so why not let your tail-wagging best friend help you get your feet wet. Next time you’re taking your pup for a walk around your pet-friendly community, stop and let others greet him also. Everyone loves to pet a cute pup, and it’s great for a conversation starter too. This is even a great opportunity to invite another pup owner to a trip to the dog park!