The Most Haunted Places to Visit in New Haven County, CT

The spooky season is sneaking up on us and New Haven County has some of the most haunted spots in Connecticut. As one of the original 13 colonies, Connecticut is a stomping ground for ghosts and ghost stories. We will tell you about some of the most notorious haunted places that are a hop and skip away from our Aspen Glen apartment community.  

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery Mart Hart’s Tombstone

The Evergreen Cemetery is one of the most well-known haunted places in New Haven. The most popular ghost story is the legend of Mary Hart.  In 1872, Mary Hart was supposedly buried alive. Her Aunt had the townspeople dig up the coffin and reopen it. Apparently, Mary’s fingernails were bloody, and the inside of the coffin had multiple scratch marks.  

According to local legend, Midnight Mary wanders around the cemetery at night. They also warn people never to visit her grave at midnight. In fact, “The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away” is engraved on Mary’s gravestone. That’s guaranteed to send a chill up your spine. 

New Haven Crypt

New Haven Green Trees & Building
Source: Yelp

John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton founded New Haven along with the Center Church that is located in New Haven Green. The Center Church was the only church in New Haven for more than 100 years. The New Haven Crypt, which dates back to 1687, can be found underneath its fourth and present church.  

The crypt, which contains 137 people, including the founder of Yale University, Reverend James Pierpont, preserves a small part of what used to be New Haven’s primary burial ground. This crypt has a long history of ghost stories. Parishioners of the church have said they can hear Theophilus Eaton ask them if they’ve been saved. Others say they see ghost-like images disappear into the crypt below the church.

Downs Road

There is an unpaved portion of Down’s Road which sits between Bethany and Hamden, that has a closed gate and two stop signs. This road has been closed and the surrounding land has been abandoned for over a decade.   

There is no shortage of ghost stories and talk of paranormal activity when it comes to Downs Road. The most popular story is the legend of the Downs Road monster. People have claimed to see a four- to five-foot-tall yeti-like creature roaming through the surrounding woods. There are even claims of UFO sightings at the end of the reservoir. This causes many people to avoid this area even though it leads to a beautiful hiking trail.  

Fort Nathan Hale

Restored Black Rock Fort at Nathan Hale Park
Source: WIkimedia Commons

Along the shore of New Haven Harbor, Fort Nathan Hale, also known as Black Rock Fort, was once a military fort during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as the War of 1812. It is said that during the Revolutionary War, 19 brave colonists defended the fort from the British army. Unfortunately, they were unable to hold the fort, but their bravery has been well documented.  

Fort Nathan Hale is now a popular public park. But it also has become a popular haunt for the spirit world. People have claimed to see apparitions of soldiers, hear mysterious voices, and see green glowing orbs. There have been stories like this floating around for the last 100 years.  

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