Restaurants Offering Deliveries & Pick Ups for New Haven County, CT

Restaurant Deliveries for New Haven County Residents 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of non-essential businesses have been closed for the foreseeable future. While many restaurants have been closed across New Haven County, several of them remain open, offering both deliveries and curbside pickups. If you’re looking for something to eat in your apartment while stay at home orders are in place, you’re in luck.

Take a look below and check out just a few of the excellent local restaurants offering deliveries during these harsh times. 

Mama Rosa’s

Florentine Pizza from Mama Rosa’s
Source: Yelp

Phone Number: (203) 248 – 6262 

Located in North Haven, CT is Mama Rosa’s Pizza, a pizzeria with a wide range of options for customers. From regular cheese pizzas to specialty pizzas, you can customize your meal however you wish. You can order a simple slice, or you can order a full pie that you can save for later on. 

Additional dishes, including lasagna and baked tilapia are also available, and other specials will be available throughout the week. Soups and other appetizers, such as fries and mozzarella sticks, are also available for purchase. 


Wide Range of Souvlaki Sandwiches from Freskos
Source: Yelp

Phone Number: (203) 823-9951 

Freskos in Hamden is a Greek-themed restaurant with a wide selection of Mediterranean menu items. Curb side takeout and contact-less deliveries are available from the company’s Hamden location to ensure the safety and health of customers. 

There are several items available on the menu, including Greek veggie burgers, lamb burgers, gyros, and different types of Souvlaki. Salads, soups, and pizzas are also available to order from this restaurant. When you’re in the mood for Greek cuisine, this is one place you’ll want to look into.  

Tikkaway Grill

Packaged Salad Purchased from Tikkaway Grill
Source: Yelp

Phone Number: (203) 562-1299 

Tikkaway Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in New Haven, CT. The establishment offers a wide range of Indian dishes, including salad bowls, meat wraps, and more. Other additional sides, such as samosa and rice pudding are available here, among many others.  

Tikkaway also offers healthier options for those who want to maintain a healthy diet during the pandemic. Tikkaway’s portions will fill you up and the menu won’t disappoint! 

Other Restaurants In New Haven 

New Haven has its own selection of restaurants that offer deliveries. You can read more about them here: 

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