The Most Haunted Places to Visit in Hartford County, CT

As one of the original 13 colonies, Connecticut has a rich history, and with that comes its fair share of ghost stories. Some people claim that Connecticut has the highest amount of paranormal activity in the country. In fact, Hartford County is home to quite a few spooky places to check out this Halloween. 

 Butler McCook House & Garden 

Butler McCook House
Source: CT Visit

Home to 4 generations of McCook’s & Butlers, this is one of the oldest houses in Hartford County, CT. Built in 1782, this Hartford County landmark has been investigated by the Ghosts of New England Research Society.  

Visitors and staff have claimed that strange things that can only be attributed to paranormal activity have continuously happened over the years. It is open for tours with advanced registration. Who knows what Colonial or Victorian spirit will decide to pay you a visit this Halloween. 

The Mark Twain House & Museum

Mark Twain House
Source: The Mark Twain House & Museum

Mark Twain, a pen name for Samuel L. Clemens, and his family lived in this opulent gothic home in Hartford, CT for many years. He wrote some of his most famous books, like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, as well as many more while residing there. In recent years, there have been various accounts of paranormal activity in the house. 

People claim to hear unexplained noises, others have seen a woman dressed in white, clothing being tugged by something unseen, and there are others who say they can smell cigar smoke. Samuel Clemens supposedly smoked up to 40 cigars a day. The Ghost Hunters have even paid this house a visit. Every October they offer a Graveyard Shift Ghost Tour. Book your tickets in advance, unless you can’t stand cigar smoke.

The Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum

Web Deane Stevens Museum
Source: Webb-Deane-Stevens-Museum

Opened in 1919 and located in the Connecticut’s largest historic district, The Webb-Deane-Stevens Musuem is made up of several 18th century buildings. One of those is the Buttolph-Williams House, which was the setting for the novel, The Witch of Blackbird Pond.  The Joseph Webb house is also there and is famous for hosting George Washington.  

However, the museum is most famous for its ancient burial ground where 4 of the 18 women accused of witchcraft were buried after the Wethersfield Witch Trials. In fact, every October the museum hosts the spine-tingling Witches and Tombstone Tours. Get your tickets early before they sell out. 

Abigail’s Grill & Wine Bar

Abigail's Grill
Source: Abigail’s Grill

This infamous watering hole, previously known as The Pettibone Tavern, was built in 1803 above a former stagecoach shop that had been there since 1780. According to historians, Abigail Pettibone, the wife of the original owner, was beheaded by her husband. Legend has it that she haunts the building. Patrons and employees claim that they have seen her ghost roaming around. They also say you can feel a chill when you pass the ladies’ room on the second floor.  

Supposedly, this tavern is riddled with paranormal activity. People claim that furniture moves by itself, fireplaces and candles relight themselves, wine bottles suddenly pop out of racks, and ghostly voices call out the names of employees. Make your reservation today. Even if you don’t get to see Abigail, you’ll at least get a good meal.  

Snedeker House

Snedeker House
Source: Atlas Obscura

The Snedeker House in Southington, CT is the possessed house that “The Haunting in Connecticut” movie and book were based on. In 1986, Allen and Carmen Snedeker rented a white duplex home with their daughter and three young sons. They soon found out that it used to be a funeral parlor. Their eldest son claimed to see ghosts and terrifying visions.  

The family contacted the same demonologists who inspected the Amityville House. They confirmed that the house was overrun with demons.  While there are many skeptics, it still remains one of the spookiest spots in Hartford County. Please note that this is a private residence, but plenty of people park in town and walk by, especially around Halloween. 


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