Keep Cool and Beat the Heat This Summer

We are in the thick of the summer and the humidity is not messing around this year. With record high temperatures across the country, we thought it best to give you a few tips and tricks to stay cool this summer. Staying healthy and safe while also finding comfort is imperative when it’s the hot, sticky season. 

Stay Healthy

Woman drinking water.

It’s best to limit outdoor activities during the middle of the day, when the sun is at its strongest. But we all know that’s not always a possibility. When it’s unavoidable, remember to hydrate and replenish your sodium levels. While sweating is our body’s natural way of trying to cool us down, it also depletes us of water and salt.  

Tray of peanut butter on celery snack.

A long-beloved healthy snack that will both hydrate and replenish your salt intake is peanut butter on celery. If possible, wear light or loose-fitting clothing to stay comfortable. Natural fabrics are your friend this season. Cool down your body’s hot zones – ankles, elbow bends, wrists, behind the knees, neck, and temples – with ice packs, cool compresses, or even an ice-cold water bottle. 

Swim in a Pool 

Aspen Green Swimming Pool.
Aspen Green Swimming Pool

If you’re looking to cool down your entire body, jump in the pool! Studies show that submerging your body in water can help lower your external body temperature, helping cool you off. Be sure to limit activity on really hot days, even in a pool, to stay safe.  

These communities have a swimming pool available to residents: 

Use sun protection, drink fluids, replenish salt, and follow the pool rules while enjoying your fun in the sun.

Go to a Movie Theater

If you’re looking for something indoors, movie theaters are a great place to go. You can use up a good chunk of the middle of the day by watching the latest action blockbuster, the newest cartoon classic, or a romantic comedy in the comfort of a large, air-conditioned space. Not only do you get out of the sun, but you get to see a film. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite this summer! Visit one of your favorite nearby movie theaters for a treat.

Visit a Museum

For anyone looking to get inside and learn a little, museums are a terrific way to spend a few hours in the summer. Most museums have camps or classes for kids so that they can learn, stay out of the heat, and have fun. Have some fun, learn about history, see incredible art, or just walk around at these amazing New England museums and visitor centers:



Keeping Your Home Cool

If you’re staying home during the dog days of summer, be sure to keep your home cool and safe. Run your air conditioner at an optimal temperature and replace the filter regularly as needed. Close the shades or curtains to keep out unnecessary heat from the sun. This will not only keep the heat out but will also help regulate the temperature indoors. Another way to regulate the indoor temperature is to run fans. By recirculating the air with fans, you will avoid stale, stagnant humid air taking hold and potentially causing mildew or mold. Keep cool knowing that all our apartment communities have resident-controlled central air conditioning.