Discover Scary Spots in Middlesex County, MA

With Autumn swiftly approaching, we’re getting close to the time of year filled with frights and screams and tricks and treats. We want you to know where to find the best of the best. Massachusetts has some of the most spine-tingling spots in the states.

Come to Middlesex County, MA, to hear scary stories, visit haunted mansions, and create lasting memories. Many of these sites are close to our Aspen Regency Apartment Community, making your visit both fun and convenient!

Hanson Farms Corn Maze and Haunted Hayride, Framingham, MA

The Hanson Farm Corn Maze
Source: The Boston Calendar

Ghosts and goblins and ghouls at Hanson Farms.

A corn maze can leave you befuddled, questioning your sense of direction, with hunger for the excitement of finding your way through. Even the best gets turned around in this maniacal maze of mystery. Once you’ve found your way through, be sure to hop on the Haunted Hayride!

Haunted Hayrides have long been a favorite for the adventurous among us. The spooky trip takes you along twists and turns through a maze of spooks and mysteries, with unexpected frights waiting around each and every corner. Sit on the sides if you dare, as the spirits enjoy greeting their guests.

Dudley Road, Billerica, MA

Nighttime car headlights on  Dudley Road, Billerica, MA
Source: Only In Your State

Have you ever been driving down a secluded road at night when you become hyper-aware, get a pit in your stomach, and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Dudley Road will do all that and more.

Dudley Road has become part of local legend, drawing ghost-hunters from all across the country. Legend has it that several nuns from the local convent (the Daughters of St. Paul) were accused of witchcraft in the early 1800’s, hunted down, and hanged from a nearby tree, left to haunt the road for all eternity. Some spirits calmly stand off the road while others, still lost and wandering, hail down drivers to ask for directions to the nearby convent.

It’s said that a nearby house, now sunken into the earth up to its second-story windows, is the fated place where the spells were cast so many centuries ago. Only a few get to hear the voices echoing chants and songs from the desiccated structure. Could you be one of them?

Witch’s Woods Halloween Scream Park, Westford, MA

Witch's Woods Halloween Scream Park creepy female doll

In the creepy complex of Witch’s Woods, our first stop is Castle Morbid, a haunted mansion. You step into the homes and bedrooms of the many departed souls, with chills and thrills where you least expect them. Terrorizing visitors from one room to the next, Castle Morbid is only one stop on this tour of fright.

The Horrorwood Chamber of Chills is full of gruesome scenes of horror films of the past and present. Explore the rooms with your favorite scary movie characters, but beware: twists and turns lie before you. Only the bravest will continue on to the next adventure.

Vampire Passage brings you through the life of a vampire who was brought into the woods to be destroyed, only to escape and roam the woods for all eternity. Legend has it that she broke her chains and took thirteen men to their fateful end. Are they roaming the woods with her? Could they be escorting you on your journey through the forest? Well, there’s only one way to find out.