Massachusetts: Why it’s the Best Place to Live

If you are looking to relocate – Massachusetts is truly one of the best states to live in. Whether you are just starting your career, getting an education or raising a family – the Bay State has everything you need – top quality schools and healthcare, a thriving economy with high income job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and beautiful beaches. If that’s not enough – Massachusetts is also a major cultural hub – arts, theatre, music and let’s not forget sports!

Massachusetts has been ranked as the most prosperous state in the U.S. almost every year of the past 10 years, according to the annual report by the Legatum Institute. They consider the following 11 pillars: 

  • Living Conditions
  • Health
  • Business Environment
  • Education
  • Safety & Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic Quality
  • Natural Environment
  • Governance
  • Personal Freedom
  • Social Capital

The Bay State also consistently ranks in the top 10 US News & World Report’s rankings of the best states in the country. The Bay State also ranks among the top 5 states in the following categories: economy, education, health care, natural environment, and crime and corrections.

First-Class Education

Great Dome, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some of the world’s top universities and colleges are in Massachusetts. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are world-wide icons. The Bay State is also home to:

  • Amherst College
  • Wellesley College
  • Boston University
  • Northeastern University
  • Tufts University
  • Williams College
  • Emerson College
  • Boston College

Throughout the state you will find several top-notch and high-ranking public-school systems. In fact, a new study by WalletHub has ranked Bay State’s public school system as the best in the country. You can rest easy knowing your children are getting an excellent education.

Top-Notch Healthcare

Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts
Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the midst of a pandemic, healthcare has never been more important. WalletHub once again ranked Massachusetts as having the best healthcare system in the US. They measured things like accessibility, outcome and cost. They even compared the median monthly insurance premium to doctors per capita to the amount of the insured population.

WalletHub also discovered that Massachusetts ranked #3 – as having the third lowest average monthly insurance premiums in the US. The Bay State also has the second most doctors per capita. If you are thinking about moving to Massachusetts, you can rest assured that if you or a loved one need medical care – you will be in good hands.

Prosperity: A Thriving Economy Despite the Pandemic

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The Legatum Institute, which is a London-based think-tank, measures prosperity in terms of much more than pure economic advancements or the state’s revenue. To be prosperous there must be an open economy and good schools, hospitals, businesses, etc. In short, they measure prosperity across social, institutional and economic realms. People are much more empowered when they receive a top-notch education and have the privilege of receiving exceptional healthcare.

The director of impact and partnerships at Legatum Institute, Shaun Flanagan had this to say about our favorite state in New England: “Massachusetts performs well on nearly every single pillar.” If you just graduated college and you are looking to begin your career – the Bay State is the place to be. If you are looking for a place to start your family, you are going to need a significant income. In other words, Massachusetts means more money and more opportunities

Safe Neighborhoods

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According to a study done by Safewise, in comparison to all 50 states, the Bay State has the lowest violent crime and property crime rates. Massachusetts had the lowest comprehensive property crime rate and came in as the 24th lowest in violent crime. Safewise compiled the following statistics for 2021:

  • Only 5% of survey respondents reported having personal experience with violent crime in the last year
  • 65% of the people of Massachusetts reported feeling safe in their state compared to 55% of Americans
  • Homicide accounted for just .7% of violent crimes in the Bay State (US 1%) with only a single murder reported among the 20 safest cities overall

Rich Culture, Good Food, Fun-filled Things to Do

Thompson Island in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.
Thompson Island in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Massachusetts, one of the first 13 states, has a rich historic past. History buffs will enjoy various attractions like The Minute Man National Historical Park – where the “shot heard” round the world was fired – and the Freedom Trail – Boston National Historical Park. North Bridge in Middlesex County is a rare gem – this is where the American Revolutionary War began.

Nicknamed Mouthwatering Massachusetts, foodies will love sampling a wide array of cuisines from around the world. From the most delicious seafood to apple cider donuts for dessert, the most sophisticated palate will not be disappointed. You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy eating out in the Bay State on a regular basis.

From amazing winter activities to summers on the wide variety of lakes and beaches – there is something for everyone in New England’s piece of paradise. There are over 200 miles of coastline and Massachusetts is home to some of the most amazing beaches. With Halloween just around the corner, the whole family will have a good time getting spooked in Massachusetts.

If a plethora of job opportunities, culture, and a wide array of delicious food is on your top priorities list, you need to move to Massachusetts. It’s not called “The Hub of the Universe” for nothing! From its museums, theaters, and ethnic restaurants – the Bay State is a melting pot of culture. Home to some of America’s best universities and a thriving job market draw some of the most talented young professionals every year.

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