Off Campus Activities for Quinnipiac & UNH Students

Are you looking to take a break from your college assignments so you can do something off campus? Students attending college in New Haven County, CT have access to a wide collection of activities and attractions that can be found in the nearby area. College can be overwhelming at times, so you should set aside some time to do something fun every once in a while. Take part in one of the following activities close to your off campus apartment.

Fun Activities in New Haven County, CT

Visit a Local Park

Sleeping Giant State Park
Source: Wikimedia Commons

New Haven County is home to many different parks, so if you ever need to go out for a walk you should consider checking one of them out. One good park is the Sleeping Giant State Park, which is located near the Quinnipiac University in Hamden. The park is named after the two miles of mountaintops that reside in the park, as they seem to resemble a large sleeping man. Some of the activities on offer here include hiking, fishing, and picnicking.

Another park you can visit is Edgerton Park, which is located in New Haven. Here you can find many different greenhouses that have many plant species on display. You can also visit the Carriage House, where you can find a collection of books on horticulture. Taking a walk through a park is great, especially if you need to relax for a bit.

Play Some Golf

New Haven Country Club
Source: Yelp

If you enjoy playing golf, you will be pleased to know that this county is home to a few different golf courses. One of these courses can be found at the Alling Memorial Golf Club, which is only ten minutes away from the New Haven downtown area. Anyone who owns a season pass here can play on the course for a reduced fee.

You can also check out the New Haven Country Club, which was founded back in 1898. The course lies along the shores of Lake Whitney, which helps give the course a beautiful, natural look. Club members can get additional benefits, including full access to the clubhouse, pro shop, and all social events that take place at the club.

Check Out The New Haven Museum

New Haven Museum
Source: Yelp

If you are interested in learning about history, you should take a trip to the New Haven Museum. The museum features many exhibits that cover a wide range of topics, including one that focuses on goods that were manufactured in New Haven. You can also view a massive collection of photographs that showcase important figures and buildings from the county’s history.

On top of this, the museum houses the Whitney Library, a library that stores hundreds of printed works, manuscripts, and architectural drawings. Anyone who has a passing interest in history should make a trip off campus to check out this museum.

Watch a Show at Shubert Theater

New Haven Shubert Theater
Source: Yelp

Are you the kind of person who enjoys live entertainment? If you are, you should take a trip to the historic Shubert Theater on College Street. This non-profit community institution offers a wide variety of shows and events, including musicals and plays.

If you want to take a group of friends with you to a show, you can get special discounts on tickets. The theater is located near a few dining options as well, so you can pick up some food before the show begins.

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