Apartment Rental Checklist: What to Look for During Apartment Searches

Searching for the Perfect Apartment to Rent

During an apartment search, it is important to be as thorough as possible. The first community you look at will not always be your best option, so it is important that you compare and contrast the different qualities of the communities you are interested in. You need to check and see if the price is reasonable, and see how good the amenities are, among other things. Before you settle on an apartment, check the following things to make sure you are making the best choice.

Pricing & Lease

Signing Lease

Two things you should always inquire about during an apartment search are pricing and lease terms. Ask about the following items so you are fully informed about each community you are viewing.

  • Ask the landlord about the full terms of the lease, and determine when you will be able to move in, as well as the duration of the lease.
    • At Garden Communities CT, the typical lease is one year long.
    • GCCT residents can move in once required documentation is provided, a credit check has been performed, a lease is signed, and a security deposit is on hand.
  • Ask how payments work. Is a deposit required after signing the lease? Are online payments available?
    • Online payments are available at Garden Communities CT.
  • Review the monthly rent, and compare that with the amount of money you make monthly. Be sure you can reasonably afford the apartment over a long period.

Apartment Amenities & Inclusions

Aspen Green Kitchen

When you get the chance to tour an apartment at the community you want to move in to, it is important to get a good feel for things. It is important to check these things as soon as you can so you are not caught off-guard by any surprises after you move in.

  • Inquire about all the amenities that are included. Ask about other features, such as a balcony or patio, if you are interested in them.
  • How much storage space is offered? Get a feel for the amount of space in the closets if you plan to bring a lot with you on move-in day.
  • Check to see what appliances are included, and test them during the tour. Make sure they are all in good working order, and notify the landlord if you notice any issues.
  • See if there is air conditioning and heating. Check if central air or resident-controlled air is offered.
  • Play close attention to the apartment if other residents have used it before. Keep an eye out for any damages that the landlord should know about.

Other Community Questions

When touring the community, it would be wise to do these things as well:

  • Get a feel for the different amenities offered around the community. Do they suit your interests?
  • Inquire about parking. What options are available?
  • Ask about the community’s guest policy if you plan to invite friends over in the future.
  • Get to know your potential neighbors. Make sure you can get along if you plan to live next to each other.
  • Make sure the cell phone reception is good in the area. It can be a problem if you cannot make a phone call while you are walking around the community.
  • Look to see if any local events are held at the community if this is something that interests you.



Moving into a new apartment can be tricky if you want to bring a pet with you. Not all communities are pet-friendly, and the ones that are may have certain restrictions in place. If you are a pet owner, be sure to ask about the following things during your apartment search:


  • Ask about a community’s pet guidelines. If the community’s website mentions nothing on the topic, call the staff directly just to be sure.
  • Is there a deposit for pets? Most communities require one, so ask about it so you know how much to pay.
  • If pets are allowed, what are the restrictions? Animals may be restricted based on type, breed, and weight.
  • Check to see if there are any pet-friendly amenities at the community, like a spot for walks or a dog wash.

If you need more information on bringing pets, be sure to check here.

Travel Distance

Asphalt Highway

Travel distance is another factor to be aware of. For the people that have to work or attend school, being able to get to your destination as quickly as possible is vital. In addition, you should also make sure there are shops nearby so you can stock up on food. Here is what you need to think about as you browse communities:

  • Research the local area around the community. See what kinds of shops and grocery stores are available nearby.
  • See if there are any interesting places you can visit nearby when you need downtime.
  • Planning to send your kids to school? Check the local schools, and see which ones are closest to the community.
  • If you are moving to take advantage of a new job or to attend college, make sure your community is close to where you need to travel to.
    • Drive around the area to see what the traffic is like. This will help you determine when you should leave in the morning.

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