Moving into Pet-Friendly Apartments: Everything You Should Know

Moving into Pet-Friendly Apartment Rentals

Finding and moving into a pet-friendly community with your faithful companion can take a lot of work. Not all apartment communities are pet-friendly, and the ones that are may have specific restrictions in place. In addition, you have to do a lot of work to make sure your friend is ready for the move. To make sure you are ready to move with your pet, review the following information so you will not be caught off guard by any surprises.

Be Aware of a Community’s Rules

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If you have your eye on a particular community and want to bring a pet with you, check its guidelines on animals. If the community’s website makes no mention of animals, be sure to give the staff a call before you make any final decisions. Assuming that the community is pet-friendly can cause major hang-ups when you try to move in.

Here is another thing to keep in mind: just because a community is pet-friendly does not mean your animal will be allowed. To elaborate, some communities only allow certain types of animals, others may have size and weight restrictions, and some may not let animals in if they have not gotten their shots. Before you finalize any payments, you should review the policies and guidelines thoroughly.

Ask About Specific Fees & Deposits


Certain pet-friendly communities will ask for an early deposit or some other fee before you move in. Pets, especially young ones, can be a bit unruly, and these deposits are required so the landlord can cover the costs if any accidents occur.

These payments can differ depending on a certain factors. Sometimes it depends on the community’s rules, and other times it is based on a pet’s size, as well as what breed it is. This is why it is crucial that you inquire about deposits ahead of making your first payment so you know just how much you need to pay.

Check for Pet-Friendly Amenities

Several pet-friendly communities include a selection of pet-friendly amenities designed just for your companion. These include washing stations and places where you can go for walks, and they can make a pet’s stay more comfortable. If this sounds intriguing to you, you should keep an eye out for communities that offer these amenities.

When browsing through apartment communities online, be sure to browse through the amenities list to get a feel for what is offered. If you find a pet-friendly community with pet amenities that you like, try and get a tour so you can get a feel for everything. Your friend deserves comfortable amenities too, so always keep an eye out to see what is offered!

Introduce Your Pet


Before you sign any documents finalizing the lease, you should introduce your pet to your landlord. This lets the landlord get an idea of what your pet is like, and will present you with an opportunity to explain what your pet needs. To give your landlord more confidence, bring your pet’s vet records to show that it has a good track record with its health.

After you do this, walk around the community and introduce your pet to your new neighbors. This is great for making first impressions, which can be extremely helpful if your pet starts being a nuisance. Dogs, for example, may bark at neighbors through the window if they are not familiar with them. By getting friendly with your neighbors your pet will have an easier time getting used to them, and this will prevent future issues.

Preparing Your Pet for the Move


Once everything is squared away with payments, it is time to help your pet get ready for move-in day. Make sure you pack everything for your pet, including food, toys, medicine, and anything else your dog needs. Some pets have trouble sitting in crates for long stretches, so be sure to train yours so this is not a problem on the trip. If you have to drive a long way to get to the apartment, ask someone to come with you so you have someone to watch your pet.

After you move in, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with your pet’s anxieties. Many pets have trouble adapting to new environments after living in one place for a long time, and this can make them nervous, especially when they are left alone. Sit with your pet during the first few days, and consider hiring a pet sitter if you need to leave for a few hours.

Just have patience, and your friend will get used to its new surroundings.

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