The Benefits of Smoke-Free Apartment Communities 

Outside Aspen Regency
Aspen Regency

Can an apartment complex be smoke-free? It sure can! Are there smoke-free apartment communities near me? There sure are! Look no further when desiring to breathe in smells as fresh and crisp as the fresh morning dew. Apartments are going smoke-free at Woodland Green in Bloomfield, CT and Aspen Regency in Billerica, MA.  

Having a smoke-free apartment leads to many benefits and allows for all you non-smokers out there to feel comfortable and fresh in your own space. Keep reading to find out more about our smoke-free apartments! 

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee 

An overview of the kitchen and island in a unit at Woodland Green
The kitchen inside a unit at Woodland Green

The air in your smoke-free apartment can smell of that vanilla rain candle you just bought with no interruptions from the neighbors wafting the smell of smoke into your apartment! Breathe in deep as you cozy up with that fresh aromas of coffee and syrup in the morning with no distractions or obnoxious smells! These smoke-free rental units in Middlesex, MA and Hartford County, CT offer you the delight of enjoying the fresh air. 

Smell The Roses 

The bedroom inside a unit at Aspen Regency
The bedroom inside a unit at Aspen Regency

Your furniture and clothes will remain pristine in your smoke-free apartment as there will be no lingering smell of smoke on your belongings. It’s easy to maintain a nice clean smelling apartment in these smoke-free units. Don’t fret when wondering how to find smoke-free rentals, when they are certainly available to ensure there is no drift of smokey air in your living space. 

Healthy Living 

Townhome at Woodland Green, Bloomfield, CT
Woodland Green

Take pride in taking good care of yourself? Look no further for an apartment complex tailored to your health needs. While renting smoke-free apartments you do not have to worry about hazards to your health. You can breathe in the fresh air from day to day without worry of smoke-induced pollution. You can go for a run in your neighborhood and not be deterred by smokers walking by. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and tobacco-free living in a home where smoke is not a problem! 

Garden Communities CT properties put your health and safety as a top priority. When looking for a safe and health-conscious apartment to call home, look no further. These tobacco-free, smoke-free rentals and adult living units allow you to smell the crisp air day in and day out!